The Milwaukee Regional Medical Center (MRMC) staff know what they need to make their entire campus run smoothly. It’s our job to help make it happen with the right wayfinding sign solution. new wayfinding signage at Milwaukee Regional Medical Center

MRMC could have chosen any sign company. However, they chose us for our unique approach to meeting their needs.

As sign experts, our role is to design, fabricate and deliver a set of exterior directional signage that gets patient, visitor and staff vehicle traffic on 87th Street where it needs to be. This is a busy and critical street running through the medical complex in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

“Sign Effectz performed superbly in providing the latest wayfinding for Milwaukee Regional Medical Center.   From design to installation, they met all of the campus goals and were installed on time.  The quality of the signs, their assistance in properly siting the final locations, and their ability to accommodate other construction in the area was instrumental in the successful completion of the project.  We hope to work with Sign Effectz in the future and highly recommend them.” – Mark Geronime, MRMC

Together, we’ve created a great partnership with MRMC. According to Account Manager Michael Dlugi, “They knew exactly the look they wanted for their wayfinding signs, and counted on us to achieve it. They didn’t have to specify the technical details. Our sign experts got them the aesthetic they wanted. Success factors included professional project management, material selection and fabrication method to give them peace of mind.”


  • Provide MRMC with confidence in our materials and methods expertise (Sign Comp extrusion).
  • Build an actual size sample sign so they could validate the color match, with and without illumination.
  • Coordinate with four different contractors for a smooth installation schedule that spanned six weeks


  • 9 internally lit, single- and double-faced wayfinding and directory pylon signs.
  • Modular acrylic faces are changeable in the future as the campus evolves.
  • Street name at top of sign to improve motorist ability to reach their destination.
  • Signage Location Plan ensures ideal sign placement.
  • 60”W x 102”H x 13 ¾ D

new wayfinding signage installed by Sign Effectz, Inc.


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