We’d like you to meet Ryan McBride, who joined the Sign Effectz team in the shop last summer as a Sign Painter. This post shares his thoughts on working for a commercial sign company.

What makes a great sign according to Ryan: building great signage requires teamwork, organization and quality control.

One of his most interesting projects: We just completed a great looking sign for The Bindery, a “creative laboratory for book, print and literary art in Milwaukee.” This highly unique sign had a lot to it. Hand formed letters as well as textured paint for example. And the letters and the border featured neon.

new rockstar sign painter

Ryan’s favorite part about working at Sign Effectz: seeing a new sign all come together. Before joining Sign Effectz, I didn’t spend any time thinking about all the little things that go into a commercial sign. You don’t realize there’s a CNC machine forming the letters, welders putting together multiple separate pieces and all of the other steps that go into making a sign. It’s very cool and very rewarding from a sign painter perspective.

Previous employment: Prior to joining us, Ryan was a painter at Honda City’s body repair shop here in Milwaukee. He worked side by side with a mentor, learning the finer points of painting and perfecting the craft. Everything from masking to priming to feathering.

Ryan’s Hobbies: I’m more of a sports spectator than a doer. I mainly follow Brewers and Packers. Spending time with family, getting married this summer. I bought a Harley last year so I like to get out as often as possible.


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