We are a team of doers, problem solvers, artists and craftsmen. That means when we manage a customer’s sign project, we are equipped to handle it from start to finish.

Longtime employee John Dolan personifies that skill set. Having started with us in the field as a Sign Installation Technician, John knows a thing or two about sweating the details. We took a few moments with John to hear his thoughts on the subject.

Q: Can you outline your top, go-to project management techniques?

A: Never leave something that can be done today, for tomorrow. As I am new to this position, and still learning, I seek out the expertise of others, and try to get the details to the correct person in a timely manner so the customer can respond with their needs, thoughts, or concerns.

Q: What’s different about working as a Project Manager than Sign Installation Technician?

A: Only difference is instead of just focusing on one job a day, I handle 7-8 per day. From design approvals to verifying a dig location. Each day brings new challenges.

Q: What would you tell customers about Sign Effectz that maybe they didn’t know already?

A: Details and Quality are in the roots here at Sign Effectz, and have been for years. Everyone here takes pride in what they do. From the salesmen, fabricators and installers each play an important role in making our customer’s vision a reality. I think the fact that every person puts their best into the job as if it was their own sign for their own business is what sets us apart from the rest.

Q: How do you strike a good work / family life balance?

A: This has been something I’ve struggled with before I ever step foot into Sign Effectz. I think that the fact that I can drive in the car with my family and say, I did that sign, I worked on that …. And not only feel good, but also see the pride they have in the work I have helped accomplish makes me feel like the time I put in is worth it.

Q: Are you spending time on your Harley?

A: Not so much…. But hopefully soon!


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